Noise Camos’ noise cancelling earphones have been engineered to redefine your music experience. Our innovative NC01 chip creates a high industry standard of sound quality, allowing you to enjoy your music as close to the artist's intentions. Our premium noise cancelling technology fine-tunes your music experiences, eliminating exterior sound, and producing the perfect experience for you. Combining the freedom of wireless connection, long-lasting battery, and an incall receiver makes this a great product for everyday day use. 


Best in Class Sound Quality

Engineered to capture the essence of the artists' and producers' intentions.  Feel closer to your music with Noise Camos’ technology, music with more depth and clarity. You won’t find another pair of earphones with the same level of sound quality or your money back! 


25dB Active Noise Cancelling

No more noise -  just you and your music. 

Our pure adaptive noise cancelling continuously and concisely blocks out exterior sound, adapting to each individual environment. It allows you to stay focused on the task on hand - whether at work, in the gym, or at home. 


8 - 12 Hour Battery

8 hours of battery with Pure ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) on, wireless connection and a continuous incall receiver. With no ANC engaged they’ll last for 12 hours and can be charged back to full within 2 hours. 


Sleek Design

The quality of Noise Camos’ sound and technology are matched with a sleek, slender and sturdy design. The soft in-ear cushions provide a listening experience with complete comfort. Small, Medium and Large earpieces are provided so that they can be adapted to anyone’s ears.


NC01 Noise Cancelling Earphones

  • Noise Camo’s ethos is to simplify  your choices and to allow you to  focus more on what’s important. 


    Family | Wellness | Gym | Work-life balance


    Whatever it is, we aim to help you to  filter out the fuzz and focus on now.  We hope you enjoy this product as  much as we have enjoyed creating it.